Plastic Parts Manufacturing and Fabrication

Contract Assembly, Plastic Welding Services

Plastic Welding Machinery and Equipment

Ultrasonic Plastic Welders and Parts

Product Development Services

Contract Manufacturing Services provide an Injection Molder the secondary operation to finalize a product.

In-house manufacturing services provide box ready packaged product or individual parts.

We design and build plastic welding equipment to required production levels.

Refurbished ultrasonic welders provide cost savings in equipment purchases.

Product development provide product solutions.

Plastic Fabrication Assembly Services

Plastic Fabrication Assembly Services

We offer turnkey plastic part assembly solutions with a specially of CNC machining, plastic welding and packaging. Working directly with injection molding companies we provide secondary operations to finish the part.


Refurbished Ultrasonic Welders

Refurbished Ultrasonic Welders

Branson ultrasonics plastic welders, Dukane ultrasonic welders, new and used parts for Branson and Dukane ultrasonic plastic welders, horns, convertors, transducers, repair parts

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Plastic Welding Systems

Plastic Welding Systems

Trinetics Group builds simple plastic welders to complex automation systems from start to finish by providing custom designed equipment or standard plastic joining equipment.

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Turnkey Plastic Parts Fabrication and Assembly, Product Development,
Plastic Welding, Injection Molding, Over Molding
Plastic Welding Equipment and Systems

Trinetics Group provides turnkey parts with plastic, we have the knowhow to start with 3D model sampling, product development engineering and design, injection molding, plastic and metal machining fabrication, utilize our in-house plastic welding equipment to join plastic, and prepare box ready packaging.

Our welding technologies are ultrasonic, infrared, spin welding, hot tool and platens, thermal presses and other heat applications.

Our product development team has designed parts for medical, industrial and commercial applications.

We design new plastic welding systems and provide used Branson plastic ultrasonic welders. As part of our business we design plastic welding systems to support your internal production or outsourcing to our facility.

We work with many injection molding companies to provide turnkey secondary operations to finish the part, such as machining, plastic welding, staking, testing, packaging. Your tooled injection molder requiring secondary or turnkey steps can be part of our program.

Manufacturing Services

Our total turnkey solutions start with plastic parts product development, prototyping, lab work and testing the product to your requirements. We utilize in house plastic assembly production personnel, customized production machines, plastic and metal machining and plastic welding equipment to achieve a final plastic part.

You as our family of customers save money with less initial capital investment producing error-free product or continue with Trinetics contract manufacturing production services.

Plastic Welding Equipment Manufacturing

Our plastic welding equipment technologies include spin welding, ultrasonic welding, infrared heat welders, RF welding, hot platen, platen press, cold press, hot air, hot tool insert presses, insert heat staking, stud insertion, ultrasonic inserting, ultrasonic sewing, ultrasonic wire welding and plastic gluing.

Machine Design

Our plastic welding equipment designs and equipment manufacturing include ultrasonic welders, infrared welders, spin welders, hot tools, insert presses and custom fabrication of machines.

Manufacturing Services

  • Plastic Assembly Services
  • Plastic Joining and Plastic Welding
  • OEM Equipment Manufacturing
  • Cable Assembly
  • Plastic Bag Making
  • Encapsulation & Potting
  • Other Contract Assembly Services
  • Gluing
  • Equipment Utilization

    • Ultrasonic Welders
    • Spin Welders
    • Staking Equipment
    • Infrared Welders
    • RF Welder
    • Hot Tool Equipment
    • Hot Platen Welder
    • Cold Press Equipment