• <font color="blue"><b>Plastic Parts Manufacturing and Fabrication</b></font>
  • <font color="yellow"><b>Plastic Welding Machinery and Equipment</b></font>
  • <font color="orange"><b>Ultrasonic Plastic Welders and Parts</b></font>
  • <font color="yellow"><b>Contract Assembly Services</b></font>
  • OEM Equipment Manufacturing

Plastic parts design, fabrication, plastic assembly services and plastic welding equipment.

Plastic Parts Manufacturing, Fabrication and Assembly
Contract Assembly with Plastic Welding Services
Plastic Welding Machinery and Equipment
Ultrasonic Plastic Welders and Parts
Product Development Services

Trinetics Group is a manufacturer providing Plastic Part Development, Assembly, Plastic Welding Services and Equipment.

A plastic parts project can include plastic parts prototyping, 3D modeling, product development design and turnkey the project to include one or more of the following: injection molding, plastic CNC machining, plastic assembly and packaging, plastic joining with in-house plastic welding equipment, parts testing to specifications, and to conclude with box ready packaging.

We utilize in house engineering,, plastic assembly production personnel, a customized dedicated production machine, plastic and metal machining, plastic welding equipment to achieve the final plastic part.

Our plastic welding equipment technologies include spin welding, ultrasonic welding, infrared heat welders, blister pack, clam shell packaging, hot platen, platen press, cold press, hot air, hot tool insert presses, insert heat staking, stud insertion, ultrasonic inserting, ultrasonic sewing, ultrasonic wire welding and gluing.

Manufacturing Services

  • Plastic Assembly Services
  • Plastic Joining, Plastic Welding, Gluing
  • Dedicated Equipment Manufacturing
  • Clam Shell Packaging
  • Blister Pack Packaging
  • Bottle Labeling
  • Cable Assembly
  • Plastic Bag Making
  • Encapsulation and Potting
  • Contract Assembly Services
  • Box Ready Packaging

Equipment Utilization

  • Ultrasonic Welders
  • Spin Welders
  • Staking Equipment
  • Infrared Welders
  • RF Welder
  • Clamshell Machine
  • Custom Built Dedicated Equipment
  • High Output Label Applicator
  • Encapsulation Equipment
  • CNC Machining Center
  • Rotary Tables
  • Lab Testing Equipment
  • Hot Tool Equipment
  • Hot Platen Welder
  • Cold Press Equipment

Internal Utilization

  • Design Engineering
  • Product Development Engineering

Third Party Partners

  • 3D Printer Equipped Company
  • Injection Molding Partners
  • Electronic Manufacturing Assembly Partners
  • Original Equipment Manufacturers

Ultrasonic Welding of Plastic Parts

Ultrasonic Welding of Inserts

White and black plastic machine parts

Plastic Fabrication

Plastic Filters On Racks

Filter Manufacturing

Manufacturer of custom plastic bags

Custom Plastic Bags






























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