Capabilities of Trinetics Group”]

Trinetics Group is a Plastic Parts Manufacturer and Plastic Welding Solutions Company.

Plastic Part Solutions

Our plastic part solutions include product design, contract assembly services, value added services, plastic fabrication and packaging. Turnkey solutions include injection molding and 3D printing from partnering companies.

From initial design to finished product, we can offer a total turnkey solution. We utilize product development engineers along with lab work prior to production utilizing our in-house plastic assembly equipment.

Our internal plastic welding equipment includes spin welding, ultrasonic welding, infrared heat welders, hot platen, platen press, cold press and hot press systems, hot tool insert presses, insert heat staking, stud insertion, ultrasonic inserting, ultrasonic sewing, ultrasonic wire welding and plastic gluing.

You as our family of customers save money with little or no initial capital investment.

Plastic Welding Equipment

We supply plastic welding equipment to meet your needs. Our custom build includes spin welding, ultrasonic, infrared welders, cold press and hot press systems, hot tools and insert presses. We build new equipment and provide used Branson and Dukane ultrasonic welding equipment and parts.

Trinetics plastic welding equipment has been placed virtually in every market in the plastic joining industry including medical, appliance, automotive, computers, business machines, toys, electronic packaging and more.

We have placed equipment in Fortune 1000 companies and small job shops throughout the world that include U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, Egypt, Indonesia, Finland, Russia and others.

OEM Equipment Manufacturing

Trinetics Group provides OEM manufacturers who are looking to outsource their products. We can design a simple or complete box ready turnkey system.

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